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Testimonials: Student Testimonials

Taking piano lessons from Mrs. Rosevear has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my childhood.  Every week for the past 11 years, I looked forward to and enjoyed having my lesson.  Taking piano from Mrs. Alina has helped me play at a high level of musicality, increased my awareness of classical musicians as a whole, given me more self-confidence through the frequent recitals, and allowed me to meet many other fellow piano players.   If I had the chance to go back and do this all over again, there’d be no question about it, I most definitely would.

Jenni Haydek, HS Senior

My kids love Mrs. Alina!  Not only are they learning to play the piano from a very encouraging and patient teacher, but are learning the discipline of practicing, and the love of performing.
 Mrs. Alina knows just how much to push and gets great results. She sincerely wants piano study to be an enjoyable experience.

Prentisse Stidham

Alina Rosevear was my son’s piano teacher from kindergarten through eighth grade.  Alina’s kind manner and knowledge of teaching children was a success for Zachary.  He progressed very nicely and learned to appreciate music while gaining the ability to play the piano.  Zachary loved his teacher and worked very hard to please her.  I am thankful that he had the opportunity to learn under Mrs. Alina.  I think for the rest of his life he will carry skills that were taught him and the love of music.  I would highly recommend Mrs. Rosevear as a piano teacher for any child!

Jan Dugger

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